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Opting For A Luxury Apartment In Chico, Bogota

Luxury apartment rentals in Chico, Bogota offer unique features that may be lacking in hotels. Privacy is one of them. 
Staying in hotels even with 5-star amenities is usually crowded because they have a large number of room accommodations. Another feature that is limited when staying in a hotel is the space, not unless you stay in a presidential suite. 
But if you prefer privacy and a bigger space to move around, a serviced luxury apartment gives more value for your money. If you have friends coming in for a visit, you can invite them to have dinner with you at your luxury apartment without worrying about how you can fit everybody inside.
You will not be disappointed with the amenities when you stay in your serviced luxury apartment. 
Depending on whether you choose a studio type or a two-bedroom apartment, you will find all the comfort that you expect like state-of-the-art high density (HD) flat television with cable and DVD player, broadband internet connection, complete kitchen fu…

4 Steps in Choosing A Furnished Apartment in Bogota, Colombia

More often than not, you'll be looking for furnished apartments for rent in Bogota, Colombia that you are unfamiliar with. 
So, when planning your visit to Bogota, you'll need to pay special attention to things like the location of the apartment, payment arrangements and ease of assistance in the event of any problem.
1. Location - As always where real estate is concerned, location is a key factor. Where vacation rentals are concerned it is even more important because, during a short stay, you'll want to be sure that you don't use up too much time getting to and from your destination every day.
In fact, location and price will be a trade-off because the most centrally located apartments will generally cost more than a similar apartment located closer to the center. 
2. Transportation - If you don't have unlimited funds then you might want to consider an apartment that is close enough to public transportation that you can get where you need to go without spending too…