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Why Bogota Short Term Rentals Is Highly Recommended For Tourists

When you arrange vacations, booking hotel rooms for Bogota short term rentals are a must for most people. 
Indeed, lots of hotels offer the best deals for customers. These days, hotels offer top quality services at moderate prices.
However, you will never feel as if you are at home in the hotel (except for extremely expensive 5-star hotels). 

Is there a solution to this problem? Are there any alternatives to hotels? Listed below are alternative ways to stay in Bogota city in Colombia.
One of the most popular options is to rent a short term rentals apartment. Many people mistakenly think that it is possible to rent a condo for 6 months or more.
In fact, a person can rent an apartment for 1 or 2 days. This is very convenient for a number of reasons:
The apartment is more convenient than a hotel. You will have a kitchen, fresh bedsheets, interesting views from a window, etc. In other words, you will enjoy the same comforts as you enjoy at home.
Better location. Some hotels are locat…