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Looking Into Short Term Rentals In Bogota

When visiting Bogota, short term apartment rentals are surely a better way to stay when away from home, whether it be when you're away on vacation, taking a brief weekend holiday trip, or even if you find yourself away on business. 
There are several reasons why short term apartment rentals may prove more advantageous than typical sorts of accommodation, such as hotels, hostels, and bed & breakfasts among others.
First of all, when you rent a short term apartment rental you will be ensuring that you will have access to all the amenities that you normally have while in the comfort of your own home. 
This can prove to be very valuable since you will have the option to cook your own meals, do laundry, take a very relaxing bath, in addition to so much more.
You will also find that short term apartment rentals can really help you to save money because they allow you to easily divide up the costs of the property between all the members in your party. 
In addition, having the option…
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6 Awesome Fruits You Should Try In Bogota, Colombia!

There are many reasons to visit Bogota – it’s got all the best flavors of South America, and it’s rich in culture, history, and art. No matter your budget, you’ll easily find places to stay in areas that are accessible to all the places in town you have to see, like the short term rentals in Chico, Bogota.
One of the best things you can try while you’re in the country are all the amazing, exotic fruits that are available here! Read on for some of the best fruits you should definitely give a try.
This is one of the most popular fruits in the country, so you should definitely see what all the fuss is about. It’s a small, round, bright orange fruit that’s quite tart, so you’ll see it more often as a juice drink (you’ll see many street vendors selling this as a juice).
You can buy lulo from any of the numerous markets dotting the city and prepare it yourself. Cut it open and scoop out the insides to mix with lime, water, and sugar. Add ice, and enjoy!
2. Caimito
You may have heard o…

Enjoy A Simple, Yet Elegant And Enjoyable Stay In Furnished Chico Calle 100 Apartments

When planning on visiting Bogota, do what other savvy travelers do. Choose and stay in one of the best furnished Chico Calle 100 rental apartments, not a hotel room.

Modern furnished apartments in Chico, Bogota are a dime a dozen and are just the thing for the traveler who is on a budget.

Why Chico Calle 100 Rental Apartments?

There are many benefits to staying in an apartment. The first is that it allows you to save. The Bogota hotel industry enjoys a high occupancy rate the whole year-round.

This high demand for hotel rooms has bumped rates up, so much so that a double room at an average hotel will cost you somewhere between 130 to 200 Euros a night.

Obviously, renting a flat is the most cost-efficient option for the budget-conscious traveler. Cost efficiency, however, is not the only merit to renting flats.

Furnished apartments in Chico Calle 100 provide you with more privacy and self-catering facilities.

You can have the modern amenities of home at your fingertips at a reasonable …

Why Bogota Short Term Rentals Is Highly Recommended For Tourists

When you arrange vacations, booking hotel rooms for Bogota short term rentals are a must for most people. 
Indeed, lots of hotels offer the best deals for customers. These days, hotels offer top quality services at moderate prices.
However, you will never feel as if you are at home in the hotel (except for extremely expensive 5-star hotels). 

Is there a solution to this problem? Are there any alternatives to hotels? Listed below are alternative ways to stay in Bogota city in Colombia.
One of the most popular options is to rent a short term rentals apartment. Many people mistakenly think that it is possible to rent a condo for 6 months or more.
In fact, a person can rent an apartment for 1 or 2 days. This is very convenient for a number of reasons:
The apartment is more convenient than a hotel. You will have a kitchen, fresh bedsheets, interesting views from a window, etc. In other words, you will enjoy the same comforts as you enjoy at home.
Better location. Some hotels are locat…

Opting For A Luxury Apartment In Chico, Bogota

Luxury apartment rentals in Chico, Bogota offer unique features that may be lacking in hotels. Privacy is one of them. 
Staying in hotels even with 5-star amenities is usually crowded because they have a large number of room accommodations. Another feature that is limited when staying in a hotel is the space, not unless you stay in a presidential suite. 
But if you prefer privacy and a bigger space to move around, a serviced luxury apartment gives more value for your money. If you have friends coming in for a visit, you can invite them to have dinner with you at your luxury apartment without worrying about how you can fit everybody inside.
You will not be disappointed with the amenities when you stay in your serviced luxury apartment. 
Depending on whether you choose a studio type or a two-bedroom apartment, you will find all the comfort that you expect like state-of-the-art high density (HD) flat television with cable and DVD player, broadband internet connection, complete kitchen fu…

4 Steps in Choosing A Furnished Apartment in Bogota, Colombia

More often than not, you'll be looking for furnished apartments for rent in Bogota, Colombia that you are unfamiliar with. 
So, when planning your visit to Bogota, you'll need to pay special attention to things like the location of the apartment, payment arrangements and ease of assistance in the event of any problem.
1. Location - As always where real estate is concerned, location is a key factor. Where vacation rentals are concerned it is even more important because, during a short stay, you'll want to be sure that you don't use up too much time getting to and from your destination every day.
In fact, location and price will be a trade-off because the most centrally located apartments will generally cost more than a similar apartment located closer to the center. 
2. Transportation - If you don't have unlimited funds then you might want to consider an apartment that is close enough to public transportation that you can get where you need to go without spending too…