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Enjoy A Simple, Yet Elegant And Enjoyable Stay In Furnished Chico Calle 100 Apartments

When planning on visiting Bogota, do what other savvy travelers do. Choose and stay in one of the best furnished Chico Calle 100 rental apartments, not a hotel room.

Modern furnished apartments in Chico, Bogota are a dime a dozen and are just the thing for the traveler who is on a budget.

Why Chico Calle 100 Rental Apartments?

There are many benefits to staying in an apartment. The first is that it allows you to save. The Bogota hotel industry enjoys a high occupancy rate the whole year-round.

This high demand for hotel rooms has bumped rates up, so much so that a double room at an average hotel will cost you somewhere between 130 to 200 Euros a night.

Obviously, renting a flat is the most cost-efficient option for the budget-conscious traveler. Cost efficiency, however, is not the only merit to renting flats.

Furnished apartments in Chico Calle 100 provide you with more privacy and self-catering facilities.

You can have the modern amenities of home at your fingertips at a reasonable price.

Moreover, furnished apartments in Bogota give you more free rein in choosing your choice of a temporary home. Do you want to be near the beach or the gallery area? No problem. There are many flats for you to choose from.

How Cheap Are Furnished Apartments in Bogota?

Not many tourists consider staying in furnished apartments in Bogota. Thus, it is possible for you to drive an excellent bargain over the rental fee.

Accommodation expenses can be minimized further if you're traveling with a group. Most furnished apartments in Chico Calle 100 offer two or three additional pull-out beds. This means you and your friends could rent only one apartment and then split the cost.

The typical rent for furnished apartments in Bogota is somewhere between 80 to 350 Euros a night.

The rates vary according to location, size, and feature. Be warned, though, that rental rates are naturally much higher from March, May to September.

These are peak furnished seasons, and should you find yourself on your way to Bogota sometime during the aforementioned months, be sure to book your accommodations ahead of time.
How Does One Book A Furnished Apartment in Chico Calle 100?

The best place to start scouring for furnished apartments in Bogota is online. 

In making online bookings, it is important to pore over a map and carefully consider the places you wish to visit (besides Chico) or establish close proximity to.

It would be highly impractical, for example, to rent a flat at one end of the city when your business meetings will be conducted somewhere in the other end. There are sites that offer a wide slew of apartments.

Most come with pictures, detailed information about the location and amenities, and price listing. You may also check the availability of these apartments online.

Offerings range from the spare and simple to the chic and stunning. Naturally, you should expect the location to play a huge factor in the pricing. The better the neighborhood, the stiffer the price.


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